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Windows Programming Database illustration

Database Iluustration in windows programming


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vishal.c (16,7 kB)






P roblem :


Create a win32 api based application which is displaying different information regarding the student such that student is able to display all the information regarding him/her.


  1. Student must display a menu having the different options corresponding to the data that they want to display.
  2. Student must display a message box that it is the version 1(or whatever, he choose), on the screen and he must display some data on this message box on the screen regarding the application developed.
  3. Student should display an output with variable font colors and background colors.
  4. Student should use all predefined window controls like Buttons etc.(that are in his course) in his code, while working on these controls he can display the information in client area or wherever he choose.
  5. Student should comment the code regarding every new block of code.
  6. Student can design his own icon or any other resource (if he wants, it is not compulsory).

Student should submit the code, resource file and the executable file to the faculty





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