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OS Scheduling algorithms in C

The following scheduling techniques are implemented in the code :

roundrobin, priority preemptive , srt,  fifo,  priority nonpreemptive , sjf,  fcfs,  lru,  optimal 


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os scheduling.cpp (8,5 kB)



Problem :



Implement all CPU scheduling algorithms and memory management algorithm in a single menu based program. Your program may be either in GUI based or command line based in any programming language you know. Various OS is using various scheme for memory management. Explain and compare different memory management techniques used in different operating systems

1.         Windows.

2.         Macintosh

3          Linux





1.                  Give details of various memory management schemes on each OS.

2.                  What are various CPU scheduling algorithm currently used in above stated system

3.                  Discuss pros and cons of all CPU scheduling and memory management algorithm.





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